Process to establish an account on the Pokemon go game platform

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For those of you looking for an alternative to the traditional gaming platform, the Pokemon go game has been a huge success. The game can be played for free on smartphones, and you will be able to catch and train your favourite Pokemon in real-life locations. One of the limitations of Pokemon go accounts for sale is that only players from select countries can play it. Firstly, to create an account on pokemon go, ensure that you have access to wifi or cellular data so that you do not have a problem establishing an internet connection. Secondly, below are instructions on how one should create their account:

Steps to access

1) Download the game:

Download the “Pokemon GO” app in your Apple or Google Play Store.

2) Download the Pokemon go Helper App:

Download the “Pokemon Go Helper” app from Google Play Store.

3) Next, type in your email address and password:

You will be redirected to a form to input your email address and a temporary password (4 random symbols).

4) Download the Pokemon Go Trainer Club app:

Download the “Pokemon Go Trainer Club” app on your Apple or Google Play Store.  By accessing this app, you can use the credit card of your choice to purchase virtual items from game developers. The game developers will use that information to collect data sold to advertisers.

5) Get permission from the game developers to access your phone’s camera, GPS and location services:

You will have to allow the game developers to access your phone’s camera, GPS and location services. This is so that they can track you in real life during gameplay.

6) Go to Google Play Store and download the Pokémon Go Helper App:

Once you have downloaded this app, click on the “New Profile” button at the bottom. Type in your desired username and password on this screen, then click “Next”. Proceed by clicking on the “Allow” button. After that, you need to download the official Pokémon go trainer club app from Apple or Google Play Store. Then tap on the “Accept” button.

7) Next, enter your full name and the email address you used in step 3 above:

8) Enter the username you used in step 3 above and click “next”:

9) You will be directed to your PTC account, where you need to log in.

Features of Pokemon go game

With the Pokemon go game, you can catch, train and battle Pokemon in real locations. You can also train your Pokemon against other players and establish yourself as a leader by defeating them. There are over 100 creatures to capture, and each has its unique abilities. You can purchase additional Poke balls through the play store – an essential part of capturing these creatures – when you run out of stock.

It is possible to trade Pokemon with friends, which allows your creature to evolve into another form. Also, while playing this game, it is possible to collect items like Poke balls and eggs, which hatch after a specific period if they are near their mother Pokemon.

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